Venezuelan Maduro Bans Opposition Parties from 2018 Presidential Election

Lilian Tintori with Venezuelan Flag during protest in 2014
Lilian Tintori with Venezuelan Flag during protest in 2014

Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, has banned the main opposition parties from taking part in the presidential election of 2018.

Mr. Maduro said only the parties that took part in the Mayoral election on last Sunday would be allowed to participate in the Presidential election.

The main opposition parties boycotted the Sunday’s mayoral election accusing the election system of being biased.

The boycotting parties are the main opposition parties of Venezuela including the Justice First, Popular Will, and Democratic Action parties.

The opposition parties of Venezuela announced to boycott the mayoral election in October.

The Sunday mayoral election received the votes in more than 300 cities and towns in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan President Maduro demanded that the election system of his country is “entirely trustworthy”.

The opposition, however, calls him a dictator and accuses the Venezuelan election system of serving Maduro dictatorship.

The Venezuelan economy, with racing to an even deeper crisis, is suffering the political turmoil that afflicted the country over the past few years.

The government’s relations with the opposition windswept after Maduro planned to stick to powers with so-called ‘rigged elections’.

According to BBC, “President Maduro’s governing Socialist Party is expected to win the largest number of votes in the mayoral elections despite a worsening economic crisis.”

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