US Congress Approves New Sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea

US House of Representative, Photo: House Website
US House of Representative, Photo: House Website

Republican controlled US House of Representative has overwhelmingly voted in favor of new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.

The House Speaker Paul Ryan said that the bill “tightens the screws on our most dangerous adversaries in order to keep Americans safe”.

The bill had overwhelming support in the House. 419 representatives voted in support of sanctions while only 3 representatives voted against it.

The White House had objection about new sanctions on Russia but the House sharply limits President’s ability to ease the sanctions on Russia.

This bill will complicate President Trump’s hope to better US-Russia relations.

The White House also said that the President is yet to make a decision if he would sign the bill. The Senate leaders hasn’t so far said anything whether they would consider the house bill.

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