U.S. Stance on 26 November Presidential Election Angers Honduran Opposition

Flag of Honduras Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Flag of Honduras Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Honduran opposition parties have slammed the U.S. failure to denounce November 26 election irregularities.

The controversial election in Honduras has led to nationwide demonstrations against the incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández.

International observers have also denounced the controversial election irregularities of Honduras election.

Meanwhile, the Organization of American States, echoing the international observers, said the November 26 election was a discredited one.

The international observers have urged for re-election since the November 26 election was too flawed to announce Juan Orlando Hernández victorious.

Honduras braced massive violence after the disputed presidential election results were refused by the opposition candidate.

In the disputed election held on 26 November, after 95% of the votes counted, President Hernandez had 42.9% of the vote while the opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla had 41.4%.

The opposition coalition urged to recount the Presidential election vote after the initial results showed the victory of President Hernandez by a slight margin amid irregularities.

The Electoral Court of Honduras announced a partial recount of the Presidential votes which angered the opposition even more.

The Honduran opposition boycotted the recount process protesting the Electoral Court’s decision to recount only 6% of the votes.

The opposition demanded thousands of more poll stations recount. But the Electoral Court insisted on counting 6% of the votes and announced current President triumphant based on the recount.

With a massive military base in Honduras, the U.S. has influence in Honduras. But the U.S. reaction after the internationally admitted flawed election of Honduras angered the Honduran opposition.

The U.S. State Department recognized the election court’s ratification of the result and urged the Hondurans to stay away from violent protests.

“The United States notes that Honduras’ Supreme Electoral Tribunal has declared incumbent president Juan Orlando Hernández the winner of the November 26 presidential elections,” the U.S. State Department statement reads.

The election irregularities and the U.S. reaction angered the mob in Tegucigalpa as thousands of them have been taking to the streets to protest.

The former President and the current Alianza coordinator Mr. Manuel Zelaya Rosales said the U.S. stance validates “the crime of electoral fraud.”

“Let’s hold the military and police to account for the murders and the brutal use of violence against our brave people who defend the vote for Alianza and the victory of Salvador Nasralla,” Mr. Manuel Zelaya Rosales said.

In the meantime, the Organization of American States said, “The tight margin between the ‘number’ of votes obtained for one or the other candidate, as well as irregularities, errors and systematic problems that have encircled this election, do not at the moment permit the (observer) Mission to be certain as to who won the presidential election.”

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