Tillerson Meets Afghan President

Secretary Tillerson and President Ghani met in Kabul on October 23 Photo: US State Department
Secretary Tillerson and President Ghani met in Kabul on October 23 Photo: US State Department

The U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson has met with the Afghan President Ghani in Kabul on October 23.

Secretary Tillerson is now in Middle East tour in pursuit of initiating a dialogue between the Gulf countries to end the months-long gulf crisis began on June 5 and developing relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

In his meeting with President Ghani in Kabul, Tillerson ‘reaffirmed the U.S.-Afghan commitment to achieving peace, stability, and long-term prosperity in Afghanistan,’ the U.S. State Department said in a statement.

Mr. Tillerson said, “The new U.S. strategy for South Asia makes clear the United States’ commitment to working with the government of Afghanistan and with partners across the region to achieve peace in Afghanistan and deny safe havens to terrorists who threaten that goal.”

The Afghan President Mr. Ghani restated his support for the new U.S. strategy for the region and reiterated his government’s commitment for safety and well-being of Afghans, the U.S. State Department said.

Recently an interview of the Afghan President with BBC went viral. In that interview the Afghan presidrnt described his Presidency as the worst job in the world.

President Ghani told BBC in an exclusive interview in his palace in Kabul, “This is the worst job on Earth.”

He expected that “Within four years, we think our security forces would be able to do the constitutional thing, which is the claim of legitimate monopoly of power.”

Mr. Ghani demanded in his interview with BBC that his government’s war with Taliban is not an ideological war. It is a drug war.

“Taliban is the largest exporters of heroin to the world. Why is the world not focusing on heroin? Is this an ideological war or is this a drug war? This criminalization of the economy needs to be addressed.”

Mr. Ghani wants dialogue with the Taliban. He said he wants “a peace agreement with the Taliban.”

“The whole aim of the strategy is to provide the ground for political solution and a political solution is a negotiated solution. It’s imperative that the people are given a chance to live their lives,” Mr. Ghani told BBC.

News reports suggest the United States has expressed willingness to accept Taliban representation in the Afghan government, so long as the group denounce violence and wants to the move the country forward.




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