Kenya Delays New Election Date by 9 Days

President Kenyatta in a televised speech. Photo: Kenyatta's Facebook Page
President Kenyatta in a televised speech. Photo: Kenyatta's Facebook Page

Kenya’s election commission has announced to delay the new election date by 9 days. The re-run of the presidential election was supposed to be held on 17 October.

According to the newly assigned date, the election will now be held on 26 October.

The opposition party of Kenya boycotted the opening session of the parliament after the country’s Supreme Court annulled President Kenyatta’s election win. They demanded that Parliament not to be convened until 17 October.

The opposition leader Raila Odinga said, “At times we have even had to exercise our constitutional right to protest and have picketed outside the electoral commission’s offices to agitate for our rights as citizens.”

The new decision to delay the election by 9 days came after President Kenyatta accused the country’s Supreme Court of staging a ‘coup’.

Mr. Kenyatta said in a televised statement, “A coup in Kenya has just been done by the four people in the Supreme Court.”

President Kenyatta was declared the winner of an election held on 8 August. He won 54% votes while his opponent former PM of Kenya Raila Odinga won 44% vote.

The opposition leader Raila Odinga refused to accept the result of the election. He accused of being cheated of victory.

According to his appeal, the supreme of the court of Kenya declared that the poll was neither transparent nor verifiable.

The rhetoric from both Odinga and Kenyatta camps, after the election was annulled by the Supreme Court, escalated.

Given the tension is deteriorated, security experts fear that the country could get into a new wave of violence.

In the aftermath of the 2007 election, violence killed more than 1000 people.

Kenyatta urged for peace and stability after the new election date announced. He said, “Each one of us, especially we leaders, must ensure that even as we enter this new competition, we have a responsibility to ensure that the peace and stability that will deliver to all Kenyans the promise of shared prosperity that we as a people desire.”

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