The Burning Iranian Tanker Gone Down

Screenshot of a People's Daily, China's Twitter post
Screenshot of a People's Daily, China's Twitter post

The Chinese media reported that the oil tanker that was burning in the East China Sea has finally sunk after a week.

MV Sanchi, the Iranian oil tanker, collided with a cargo ship 260 km off Shanghai on 6 January. The tanker was drifting towards south-eastern Japan.

The crew members have been reported as dead after the tanker blasted. The Iranian officials reported that there were 32 crew members on the ship.

30 of the crew members were Iranian while 2 others were Bangladeshis, according to the officials in Iran.

The Sanchi has been reported to carry 136,000 tons of ultra-light crude. The BBC reported that the Chinese officials said there is no major slick.

According to the Chinse media, the Sanchi has gone down around 04:00 GMT after a sudden igniting.

An Iranian commando along with 13 vessels have been conducting a rescue operation but the salvage operation was hindered by bad weather.

The rescue team member Mohammad Rastad has been reported to have said that there was no hope of finding any survivor.

Only three bodies have been found in the weeklong salvage operation. The rest of the bodies of the crew members have gone down with the tanker.

The black box of the ship had been retrieved only to leave immediately because of the toxic smoke and high temperature.

Shana, an Iranian news agency reported that the National Iranian Tanker Company used to manage the Sanchi. The cargo is reported to be of $60 million worth. The oil Sanchi was carrying was purchased by South Korean customers, Shana reported.

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