South Korea-North Korea High-Level Talks on January 9

South Korea and North Korean Border. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
South Korea and North Korean Border. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The South Korean and the North Korean officials will meet on January 9 to find a way for the North Korean athletes to attend the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea in February.

The South Korean officials have said North Korea has accepted an offer to attend high-level talks.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said last week that sending a North Korean delegation to the Winter Olympic in South Korea would be “a good opportunity to show unity” among North Koreans.

The two sides will meet in Panmunjom, the so-called peace village, heavily guarded demilitarized zone (DMZ).

The North and South Korean sides, still at wars with each other since the Korean wars, historically held talks in Panmunjom.

In the last week, after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he was prepared to send a delegation to Winter Olympics in South Korea and indicated his stance for talks, the South Korean officials sent North Korea an invitation for holding a high-level talk.

South Korea’s unification minister, Cho Myoung-gyon, said the proposal recapped “our willingness to hold talks with the North at any time and place, and in any form.”

Yonhap news agency quoted Cho in Seoul, “We hope that the South and North can sit face to face and discuss the participation of the North Korean delegation at the Pyeongchang Games, as well as other issues of mutual interest for the improvement of inter-Korean ties.”

“We think that the suspended inter-Korean communication channels should be immediately restored. We propose that the two Koreas discuss details of talks including agenda items and the composition of delegations … at the truce village.”

The meeting on 9 January will be about North Korea attending the Games. But South Korea’s presidential office said Yonhap news agency that they believed there would also “be discussions related to improving South-North ties after the North’s participation in the Olympics becomes final.”

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