South Korea Halts Propaganda Loudspeakers

Screenshot of a CGTN video shared on Twitter
Screenshot of a CGTN video shared on Twitter

Following the North Korean leader’s announcement to halt missile tests and to shut down nuclear sites, South Korea has stopped broadcasting propaganda across the borders of North Korea and South Korea.

The moves come ahead of a top-level talk between South Korea and North Korea later this week.

South Korea has dozens of loudspeakers along the North Korean border that blasts nonstop propaganda from K-pop music to critical reports about North Korea.

The South Korean propaganda along the border can be heard from the border areas in North Korea where North’s troops are stationed.

North Korea also has loudspeakers that blast propaganda including critical reports about South Korea and the allies.

South Korean defense ministry spokesperson Choi Hoi-Hyun said the move to stop the propaganda loudspeakers was to “ease the military tension between the two Koreas and develop a peaceful summit atmosphere.”

“We hope this decision will lead both Koreas to stop mutual criticism and propaganda against each other and also contribute to creating peace and a new beginning,” the South Korean defense ministry spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has suspended all missile tests and announced to shut down the nuclear test sites.

The State news agency of North Korea KCNA reported, “From 21 April, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).”

“The North will shut down a nuclear test site in the country’s northern side to prove the vow to suspend nuclear test.”

“The overall projects of the party and the country will be geared towards building of a socialist economy, and all our efforts will be made towards it,” the KCNA quoted.

KCNA also reported the North Korean leader said, “As the weaponization of nuclear weapons has been verified, it is not necessary for us to conduct any more nuclear tests or test launches of mid- and long-range missiles or ICBMs.”

President Trump and President Moon have praised the move. South Korean President’s spokesperson said the announcement was a ‘meaningful progress’.

“North Korea has agreed to suspend all Nuclear Tests and close up a major test site. This is very good news for North Korea and the World – big progress! Look forward to our Summit” President Trump following the announcement of Kim Jong-un.

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