South Africa: ANC ‘Recalls’ President Jacob Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma at the Sports for Peace Gala 2010 in Johannesburg Photo: Wikimedia Commons
South African President Jacob Zuma at the Sports for Peace Gala 2010 in Johannesburg Photo: Wikimedia Commons

African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party of South Africa, has decided that the incumbent President Jacob Zuma must leave office.

The ANC, however, has not set a deadline for President Jacob Zuma to resign but the party said his removal “should be treated with urgency.”

After an intense party decision, ANC’s Secretary Ace Magashule talked with the press.

“The NEC (National Executive Council) therefore decided as follows: To recall its deployee, Comrade Jacob Zuma, in accordance with Rule of the ANC Constitution, which accords the NEC the authority to ‘recall any public representative’,” said Ace Magashule.

The NEC had not discussed if they would take any step if the President refuses to step down.

Secretary-General Magashule said if Zuma refuses to comply with the party decision “we will deal with the matter.”

The decision made by the ANC is not constitutionally obligatory for the President to comply with. He is not bound by the constitution to step down in accordance with his party decision.

If he refuses to comply with the party move, the ANC will have to discuss the issue in the parliament calling for a no-confidence motion in the parliament.

The South African President vowed to stay in power until the next election despite many allegations of corruption against him.

The so-called state capture scandal that Zuma gave illegal favor to Gupta’s, an Indian born immigrant family, put him under tremendous pressure.

Jacob Zuma is one of the oldest guardians of African National Congress. He joined ANC in 1958. He spent times in Robben Island to live in exile

He returned to South Africa when the fall of apartheid was imminent. He has been a political survivor as he overcame many obstacles in his political career.

He still has fans in the ANC which he seems to believe that he could capitalize to ensure that he could stay in power until the end of his term in 2019.

If Zuma refuses to step down resulting the ANC to take the move to the parliament, he has a weaker ground there because, without the support of ANC majority, there are few left to fight for his cause.

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