Saad Hariri to Return to Lebanon

The ‘former’ Lebanese Prime Minister has confirmed he will return to Lebanon to mark the Independence Day.

Lebanon will celebrate Independence Day on November 22 amid the worst political crisis it encountered in the recent times.

In his tour to Paris after the French President Emmanuel Macron invited him for talks to solve the political deadlock the country faces Saad Hariri said, “I will return to Beirut in the coming days.”

“I will participate in the celebrations for our independence and it is there that I will make known my position on all the issues.”

The Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Nabih Berri, the Lebanese speaker also confirmed the return of Hariri to Lebanon.

President Aoun posted on his Facebook page, “President has received this morning’s phone call from Prime Minister Saad Hariri after arriving in Paris, informing him that he will be attending Lebanon to participate in the celebration of independence, especially the military offer to be held next Wednesday.”

Earlier the French President Emmanuel Macron addressed Hariri as a Prime Minister and welcomed Hariri with the honors of a Prime Minister.

“I will … welcome Prime Minister Hariri with the honors that are due to a prime minister, indeed resigned, but whose resignation hasn’t yet been recognized in his country, as he hasn’t been there,” Macron said at a conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Friday.

“So, nevertheless, I’ll welcome him as prime minister,” he added.

“Prime Minister Hariri then has the intention, I believe, to return to his country in the following days or weeks. It’s for him to discuss his own future but I don’t have any doubts about this subject.”

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