Russian Warplane Shot Down in Syria

Su-25, a Soviet-made Russian warplane, has been shot down in Syria on Saturday, RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense that confirmed the wreckage of the warplane.

The Defense Ministry of Russia said the pilot of the warplane had been able to eject from the plane but couldn’t escape death.

The death of the pilot has been established as confirmed.

The Russian warplane was downed in Syria’s Idlib province. An anti-government activist group named ‘Idlib Media Center’ published images showing the wreckages of the burning warplane.

The RIA Novosti of Russia said the plane was shot down in an area controlled by the Al Nusra Front in Idlib. Russia and Turkey are trying to return the body of the pilot.

CNN quoted another Russian state-run news agency TASS reporting, “according to preliminary information, the plane was shot down from a portable anti-aircraft missile system.”

Russia has been a staunch ally of the Assad regime in the ongoing civil war in Syria where tens of thousands of people have lost lives and countless more lost homes and left Syria for a safe life.

The Syrian crisis led the worst refugee crisis in the modern history inciting political unrest in some of the advanced European countries like Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands.

Russia shouldered the Syrian leader Bashar al Assad in a time when the rebel groups almost cornered the battling regime of Syria.

After Russia joined the fight against the rebel groups, Assad regime took a lead against the rebellious forces.

Russia, Turkey, and Iran have been conducting negotiations recently to end the Syrian crisis.

The conflicting parties met in Sochi of Russia to reach an agreement to end the Syrian conflicts.

To enhance the pace of the negotiations, the Turkish and Russian side established a de-escalation zone in Idblib which the Syrian government already has been accused of violation.

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