Russian Opposition Activist Navalny’s Presidential Bid Rejected

The Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny/ Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny/ Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Russia has barred the opposition activist Alexey Navalny from entering the presidential election race.

The move by Russia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) came after he announced to run in the presidential election at a nomination gathering.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia rejected Alexey Navalny’s registration just a day after he submitted his bid for the presidential runoff.

Boris Ebzeev, a CEC member, said, “Firstly, a citizen who has been sentenced to imprisonment for committing a grave or especially grave crime and who has an outstanding conviction for the said crime, has no right to be elected president of the Russian Federation.”

The Russian laws bar convicted criminals from running for public offices. Being convicted, Alexey Navalny was predicted to get disqualified at a point.

His supporters, however, demand that allegations against Alexey Navalny were politically motivated and he is not a criminal.

Following the CEC rejection of his presidential election bid, Navalny called on a voters’ strike. He urged his supporters to reject the 2018 Presidential election.

“We are announcing a voters’ strike. The procedure in which we are invited to participate is not an election. It involves only Putin and those candidates whom he personally chose, who do not pose the slightest threat to him,” Mr. Navalny said.

Meanwhile, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been in power since 1999, has announced to run for President’s office again.

The experts on Russian politics say Putin is expected to win the bid again for sure even as an independent candidate.

Recently, Putin announced his bid for President’s office again expelling all the doubts. He said in a long interview that he wants competitive and balanced political system.

“I want this and I will strive for a balanced political system and that is impossible without competition in the political field,” Putin said.

Putin demanded that Russia has no effective political opposition because the most political figures ‘make noise rather than true political agenda.’

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