Russian Diplomacy in Crisis: More than 20 Countries Expel Russian Diplomats

The United States and the allies have announced to expel Russian diplomats over the nerve agent attack on the former Russian spy in Salisbury.

Meanwhile, Nato has announced to cut its Russian mission by a third and remove accreditation from seven Russian staffs.

Announcing the Nato moves, the Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the move was “a clear and very strong message that there was a cost to Russia’s reckless actions.”

The diplomatic rift between the UK and Russia began after a former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, who has been living in the UK through a spy swap, was found unconscious and critically ill along with his 30 years old daughter Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

The UK accused Russia of poisoning Skripal with nerve agent. The British Police said a nerve agent was used in an attempt to ‘murder a former Russian spy and his daughter’.

The UK announced to expel 23 Russian diplomats over Moscow’s refusal to explain how Russian made nerve agent was used to kill the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

This Russian diplomat expulsion was the single biggest story of such expulsion for the UK in more than thirty years.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May told in the Parliament: “They have treated the use of a military-grade nerve agent in Europe with sarcasm, contempt, and defiance.

“There is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of Mr. Skripal and his daughter and for threatening the lives of other British citizens in Salisbury.”

Russia retaliated the UK move by expelling the exact same number of British diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry said, “Twenty-three diplomatic staff of the UK Embassy in Moscow are declared persona non-grata and are to be expelled from Russia within a week.”

Following the British move, the U.S. has announced to expel 60 Russian diplomats. President Trump “personally ordered” to expel the Russian and the “U.S. worked tirelessly over the past three weeks to achieve this unprecedented level of cooperation and also coordination,” said the U.S. State Spokesperson Heather Nauert indicating to multiple countries’ announcement to expel Russian diplomats.

In response to the U.S. move along with the allies, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said: “When one or two diplomats are asked to leave this or that country, with apologies being whispered into our ears, we know for certain that this is a result of colossal pressure and colossal blackmail, which is Washington’s chief instrument in the international scene.”

More than 20 countries Expelled Russian Diplomats:

Among the countries who have announced to expelled Russian diplomats; Ukraine has announced to expel 13 Russian diplomats. Canada, Germany, and Poland will expel 4 Russian diplomats each. The Czech Republic and Lithuania will expel 3 Russian diplomats. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Italy, Spain and some other countries have announced to expel Russian diplomats over an attack on former spy Skripal in Salisbury in solidarity with the London.

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