Far-Right AfD Conference Sparks Protests in Germany

In Hannover, a German city, several people have been hurt after a clash between police and the anti-fascist protesters.

The demonstrators have been trying to obstruct the first-ever conference of the far-right political group of the country Alternative for Germany (AfD) after it won tickets to Bundestag in the last election.

The conference was held anyway but delayed. The AfD delegates, in the conference, elected Alexander Gauland as the co-leader of the party along with Jörg Meuthen.

Electing hardliners to leadership indicates that the AfD is moving further to the right after being inspired by the last election.

In the last German election, the far-right political group Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 12.6% of the votes.

With 94 seats in the parliament, AfD is now the third biggest political party in the country.

If Merkel’s CDU manages an alliance with Martin Schulz’s SDP, AfD is going to be the biggest opposition force in the German parliament.

AfD never has seats in the parliament. But their massive success in the last election paid off and they are heading to be the main opposition group of the parliament.

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