Popular Indian Folk Song Parodied For Pakistani Politics Goes Viral

Karachi Vynz filmed the parody and posted on Youtube
Karachi Vynz filmed the parody and posted on Youtube

Urdu Parody of a popular Indian folk song ‘Sonu’ has gone viral in Pakistan. The parody version of the Indian folk song commented on the recent turmoil in Pakistani politics.

The parody song celebrates Pakistani politician, opposition leader Imran Khan who has been pursuing former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s corruption charges.

Mr. Nawaz recently has stepped down after the Supreme Court of the country issued him a guilty verdict.

The lyrics “Immu hame aap pe bharosa sahi thaa” translate from the Urdu to “we were right to trust you Immu.”

Karachi Vynz, a Pakistani Youtube group, wrote and filmed the parody version the Marathi folk song.

They addressed PTI chairperson former cricketer Imran Khan as Immu and Nawaz Sharif as PM.

In an interview with BBC, band founder Mansoor Qureshi  told, “We aim to make people happy… we keep tabs on what is happening on social media to get something exciting. We then play with it to make funny, interesting and amusing content for our viewers.”

Karachi Vynz group members
Karachi Vynz group members

The song was posted after the resignation of the former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Thousands of supporters of PTI and PML-N have commented on the song already.

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has been disqualified from office. As the Supreme Court of Pakistan has found him guilty, he stepped down.

Last year, publication of classified document known as the Panama Papers revealed that he owns properties in London.

The documents against Nawaz and his family triggered controversy. PTI’s chairperson Mr. Imran Khan’s petition in the Supreme Court over the Panama Papers has finally pulled him down. The court also disqualified the country’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.


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