Peruvian President Kuczynski Faces Impeachment

Kuczynski Pedro Pablo Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kuczynski Pedro Pablo Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Congress of Peru has opened the proceedings to impeach the embattled President Kuczynski amid the Odebrecht scandal.

On last Friday, the Peruvian Congress voted 93 to 17 to open a debate on President Kuczynski’s impeachment on December 21.

The impeachment of the President takes 87 votes out of 130 total Congress votes. President Kuczynski is expected to appear before the Congress before the final vote.

He has been accused of receiving illegal payments from Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction company.

The Congress motion, signed by most political parties, claims the President lacks the ‘moral capacity’ to lead the country after the Odebrecht scandal.

President Kuczynski, however, denied the allegations against him and rejected the calls to step down.

The Brazilian company Odebrecht has been embroiled in political scandals after admitting to paying more $788m in bribes to win construction contracts in 12 countries.

This revelation destabilized the political landscapes of Mexico, Argentina, and Venezuela after Odebrecht admitted bribing respective governments.

The president of Peruvian Congress Luis Galarreta told Reuters news agency that President Kuczynski might be removed from his office within a week.

The Congress of Peru has 130 members where the Peruvians for Change (PPK), the party Mr. Kuczynski belongs to, has only 18 elected congressmen.

The Congress needs 87 votes to oust President Kuczynski, something the president of the Congress aspires to have on December 21.

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