North Korea Holds Parade ahead of Winter Olympics

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. Photo: North Korean State sponsored KCNA
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. Photo: North Korean State sponsored KCNA

The U.S. and the world, North Korea has held a parade just a day before the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has been reported to have attended the parade.

The parade was aired on the North Korean TV with the delayed footages to mark an anomaly with the other parades.

The North Korean parade to celebrate the anniversary of the North military is usually held in April. But the procession this year is taking place in February instead of April for the first time in February.

The North Korean regime, proud of its parades, telecast the live footages in all the TV channels of the country.

The latest parades, being held earlier right before the Winter Olympic, has been regarded as a potential setback to the endeavors to develop the relations between the North and the South.

The South Korean President Moon Jae-in, however, scheduled a meeting with the top North Korean delegates including the dignitary head of the North Korean state Kim Yong-nam and Kim Yo-jong, the power sister of the North leader Kim Jong-un.

The North Korean delegates in the South, a 22-member team, are in South Korea ahead of the Winter Olympics in a bid to warm up the relations between the countries.

The North Korean parade ahead of the Winter Olympics has been criticized by the U.S. and the international community.

The North Korean regime, instead of broadcasting the parades live on television, aired the footages late where a comparatively small parade was seen with Kim Jong-un inspecting the procession alongside his wife.

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