Rallying in Berlin Neo-Nazis ‘don’t Regret Anything’

Amid the wave of right-wing rallies in the U.S., Neo-Nazis have marched in the streets of Berlin. Counter-demonstrators also took to the street to protest the Neo-Nazi march.

The right-wing demonstrators gathered to rally to mark the 30th death anniversary of Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess.

Nuremberg war crimes tribunal convicted him as a war criminal and sentenced him life-long imprisonment. He served his guilty verdict at Spandau Prison from 1966 to 1987 until he died.

His last words ‘I don’t regret anything,’ inspire the Neo-Nazis as many of them took to the street with banners written Hess’ last words on them.

Many of the right activists refuse to believe that Hess’ death was a suicide. Some people took banners written “It was murder. Enough with the suicide lie.”

Unlike the U.S., Germany strictly banned Nazi symbols and slogans. Carrying a German imperial flag was the option left for most of the Neo-Nazi. Any symbol or slogan related to Nazi Germany was obviously strictly forbidden to carry or exhibit.

They silently marched to the Spandau Prison to commemorate Hess’ death. The counter-protesters also gathered and chanted anti-Nazi slogans. Many of them chanted ‘war criminal’ at the Neo-Nazi demonstrators. The local residents played loud music to counter the Neo-Nazis.

The U.S. on the other hand, allows its right wing groups to hold rallies across the states carrying Nazi flags and symbols. Notorious groups like Ku Klux Klan and other hate preachers exercise rights to hold a public gathering and show their views publicly.

The U.S. has already encountered massive protests in different areas as many of the U.S. states have braced alt-right and counter-protests in the recent days. The authorities are more concerned as more protests are supposed to ensue in the coming days.

In the Virginia’s Charlottesville in the last week, a counter protester was killed after a domestic terrorist stormed his car over the protesters.

The continuous rallies and demonstrations of alt-right and Neo-Nazis are pushing the debate across the Western World how to face off with the recent wave of home grown intolerance unseen in last half a century.

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