Ousted Pakistan PM to Hit the Road

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party PML-N plans to hold big rally after the Supreme Court guilty verdict.

The party planned to hold a big rally on Sunday. But they changed the date to hold a bigger rally that revives Nawaz Sharif‘s political career.

PML-N supporters from Punjab will join the rally to give Nawaz and his party the much needed political mileage after the Supreme court ousted him from office.

Mr. Sharif will return to his hometown Lahore through a motor way. This could put him under security threat in country where the former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated after a political rally in Rawalpindi in 2007.

The supporters of PML-N, however, say that Mr. Nawaz is a brave man to take the motor way procession risking security.

Although there are security issues in traveling on the GT Road but Nawaz is a brave leader- PML-N leader Shujaur Rehman

Most of the roads have been decorated with welcome banners that read “A leader does not need any post… as he lives in hearts.” Many of the banners are sponsored by the local MPs and ministers.

The procession will begin on Wednesday from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad and conclude on Thursday in Lahore.

Information Minister of Punjab Mr. Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman said that the date of the procession has been changed due to the ‘public pressure.’ He said that the procession could take two days.

“Although there are security issues in traveling on the GT Road but Nawaz is a brave leader,” Mr. Rehman said.

The opposition PTI party denounced the move by PML-N and accused them of using state machinery to sponsor a political procession. PTI leader Mr. Aleem Khan said, “The Punjab government is using all its resources to make the show (Nawaz’s return to Lahore) a success.”

PTI chairperson Mr. Imran Khan later issued a statement on Twitter. “Nawaz Sharif’s plan to travel to Lahore in a cavalcade on GT Road is a deliberate attempt to continue undermining the Supreme Court of Pakistan by calling into question its decision on the Panama case,” said PTI chairperson, former Pakistani cricketer Mr. Imran khan.

In his statement, Mr. Khan accused Nawaz Sharif of refusing to accept the SC verdict. “It is ironic that when PTI was peacefully protesting to seek justice for rigging and later against the corruption unveiled in the Panama Papers, the Sharif government was accusing it of derailing the system and now, Sharif and his cohorts are protesting to actually bring down the democratic system by refusing to accept the SC verdict,” said Mr. Khan.

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