Mohamed Nasheed to Return and Contest Elections

Mohammed Nasheed, the former President of Maldives, said he will return to his country from exile to contest the next presidential elections.

Mr. Nasheed told BBC after the top Court of the Maldives ordered his release along with some other senior opposition politicians.

The Supreme Court of Malaysia said the charges against Nasheed was politically motivated and cleared him off terrorism charges.

The former President of the Maldives said the country should prepare for ‘free and fair’ elections, BBC reported.

“We are moving towards elections. I can contest and will contest. We must set up proper procedures for inclusive, free and fair elections with full international observation,” Nasheed told BBC.

An elated Nasheed said on Twitter after the Supreme Court verdict, “Welcome tonight’s SC ruling calling for the immediate release of political prisoners and the restoration of their civil and political rights.”

“President Yameen must abide by this ruling and resign. Urge all citizens to avoid confrontation and engage in peaceful political activity.”

In his latest interview with BBC, former Maldivian leader Nasheed said, “President Yameen must abide by the Supreme Court ruling and release the political leaders immediately. [He] must also release other democracy activists in jail.”

The Maldives has been going through political unrest since 2015 when the former President Nasheed was convicted guilty of terrorism charges.

The international community condemned Nasheed’s guilty verdict. He was later given political asylum in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Maldivian government has fired the police commissioner Ahmed Akif after the country’s police announced on Twitter that it would enforce the Supreme Court ruling.

The Maldivian Attorney General Mohamed Anil announced the dismissal of the police commissioner in a late-night press conference because he said Akif was ‘uncontactable following the Supreme Court verdict.’

The opposition said they believe the police commissioner was fired because President Yameen was disheartened with the commissioner following the police’s tweet to comply with the Supreme Court verdict.

The government, however, later announced to comply with the Supreme Court verdict.

The former President of the country who is now in Sri Lanka has urged the Maldivian President Abdullah Yameen to honor the Supreme Court Verdict.

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the longest serving President of the island nation also praised the Supreme Court move.

“As we rejoice tonight for the great victory Allah Almighty has bestowed on us we must all of us exercise restraint, preserve stability and harmony and abide by the law,” Mr. Gayoom said on Twitter.

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