Maldives Warns India against Interference

Indian SSM firing. Photo: Indian Navvy Website
Indian SSM firing. Photo: Indian Navvy Website

The Maldives has warned India, ‘its former strongest ally’, against any interference in its ongoing political crisis.

The latest political upheaval in the Maldives has deepened a rift with India, the country once seen as the strongest ally of the country.

India was deeply dismayed by the extension of emergency rule for thirty more days announced on Wednesday.

The Indian foreign ministry urged the Maldivian President against the extension of the state of emergency. “It is our expectation that the Government of Maldives will not be seeking an extension of the State of Emergency so that the political process in the Maldives can resume with immediate effect,” the Indian foreign ministry said in a statement.

The Island Nation, however, apparently neglected the Indian calls. With its growing dependency on the Chinese orbit of influence, the ruling regime of the Maldives warned India “to refrain from any actions that could hinder resolving the situation facing the country.”

“There is no doubt that the Maldives is experiencing one of the most difficult periods in the history of the nation,” the islands’ ministry said in a statement on February 22.

“It is therefore important that friends and partners in the international community, including India, refrain from any actions that could hinder resolving the situation facing the country.”

The Maldivian government, in its bid to secure the President Yameen’s tenure, arrested the Supreme Court judges to forcefully reverse the court rulings about the Maldivian opposition leaders.

The President’s estranged half-brother former President Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who sided with the opposition in the ongoing crisis was also arrested.

The opposition leader of Maldives Mr. Nasheed, who is now in exile in Sri Lanka, urged India to ‘physically intervene’ in the Maldives after the ruling regime refused to comply with the court order to release the top political leaders from the prison.

Later, India said it has no such plans to intervene in the political scenario of the Maldives.

With the rising influence of China in the Maldives, a country long been under Indian influence, the region has now turned into a muscle testing ground for both the Indian and the Chinese sides.

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