Lebanon’s Hariri to Return Home ‘in Days’

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri has spoken out after a week of mysterious silence. He said he will submit his resignation upon returning home in days.

The Lebanese Prime Minister has spoken to Future TV from Riyadh days after his announcement to resign as the Prime Minister of Lebanon.

His allies in Lebanon and government officials demanded that he is being held captive in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Hariri, however, has denied this. He said he is free to move anywhere he likes to move.

In his interview with the Future TV, he again blamed Hezbollah for his resignation for he feared for his family.

Mr. Hariri said in the TV interview, “I have resigned. I am going to Lebanon very soon and I will resign in a constitutional manner.”

“My resignation came as a wake-up call for Lebanon,” he said.

“I am not against Hezbollah as a party, I have a problem with Hezbollah destroying the country.”

Mr. Hariri said, “Iran interfering in Arab states,” which he demanded is the main problem the Arab world is encountering today.

“I will not be responsible for taking Lebanon to a confrontation with the Arab states,” Mr. Hariri added in his latest interview.

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