Lebanese Prime Minister in Saudi Arabia, again

Lebanese PM resigns over fear for his life Photo: Screenshot from Riyadh based Al Arabiya
Lebanese PM resigns over fear for his life Photo: Screenshot from Riyadh based Al Arabiya

Saad Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister, has arrived in Saudi Arabia for the first time after his abrupt resignation last year in November.

The Lebanese Prime Minister’s media office said he would meet the Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Mr. Hariri visits Saudi Arabia ahead of general elections in Lebanon to be held on May 6 join a conference aimed at supporting Lebanon.

The Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri visited Saudi Arabia in last November to abruptly rescind from his position, which the political analysts regarded because of squeezing Saudi pressure.

The Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned ‘in fear for his life’ in a televised broadcast from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. He accused Iran of destruction and fear in some countries of Middle East including Lebanon.

In his resignation speech, Hariri said Iran “has a desire to destroy the Arab world and has boasted of its control of the decisions in all the Arab capitals. Hezbollah imposed a reality in Lebanon through force of arms, and their intervention causes us big problems with all our Arab allies.”

This move put the Saudi-Lebanese relations under pressure as the Lebanese Prime Minister refused to accept the resignation of Hariri and urged Saudi Arabia to release its detained Prime Minister.

Mr. Hariri later returned from Saudi Arabia through a detour to France to meet the French President Emmanuel Macron who appeared as a mediator to convince Saudi Arabia to release the Lebanese Prime Minister.

“The postponement [of resignation] at the request of President Michel Aoun was to give an opportunity to discuss and negotiate our principal demands to make Lebanon neutral and keep it away from the conflicts and the wars in the region, and to implement the policy of disassociation … and commit to the Taif Agreement,” Hariri said in a statement released by the prime minister’s office postponing his resignation.

“As we have previously announced on several occasions, we will not accept Hezbollah’s positions that affect our Arab brothers or target the security and stability of their countries,” he added.

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