“Junior army” – children’s arm of the Putin’s combatants

By Mikolas Katilus:

Young generation of Russia has been “very lucky”! They are crossing the threshold of the conscious life during formation and consolidation of the authoritarian regime. Russian youth has appeared to be the most exposed to the Putin’s propaganda social strata. Youth front line of Putin has already been formed up ready grab the arms at the first call for the sake of the defense of the ruling regime.

“Young guard of the United Russia”, Russian National Liberal Democratic Party youth organization called “Youth time”, “Steel”, “Seligher Forum”, “Net”, “Young Communist Lenin League”, “Young Socialists of Russia, bikers’ association of Zaldostanov “Night wolves”, a large contingent of the football fans and overtly neo-Nazi organizations are those entities ready to fulfill any Kremlin’s order. They are widely used for provocations against opposition forces, dispersal of demonstrations and protest rallies. Putin’s tough guys are ready to use force against anybody including women, elderly people and children, which is furnished with relevant examples.

The one particular common trait of all these organizations is the distinct and strict chain of command presided by Vladislav Surkov – assistant to Putin, one of the ideamonger of the annexation of Crimea and separatist coup in Donbas. Today this organized quasi thugs front line of the Russian youth including the young wing of the odious Ukrainian Party of Regions of the former President Yanukovich are being extensively used by the authorities to suppress dissenting views in Crimea. Moreover multiple Cossacks organizations having spawned here after the annexation train children’s Cossacks squads, junkers and cadets classes. Children wear something similar to military uniform, learn to handle weapons, go through the basic military training in the Crimean mountains, where dispatched are militarized camps. Children are instilled the idea that Russia is a great nation that has lawfully annexed Crimea, it is helping “patriots” in Donbas and one day will connect the whole Ukraine. Youth is being exposed to idea that war is a natural matter and that might and good weapons go before right.

The pinnacle of the Kremlin’s efforts in the so-called “military-patriotic” youth build up has become the establishment of the scholar wing of the Putin’s combatants. Heading for the accelerated implementation of the total governmental terror policy President Putin on April 5 has decreed to create a new law enforcement body under his direct command which is National Guard subsequently called “Russian Guard”. There is a structure set up concurrent to the Armed forces and internal security troops which is not subordinate to the State Duma. This unit takes after Hitler’s SS troops. Upon signing the respective decree the decision was taken on the next day to create military-patriotic movement “Junior Army”. Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia general Pankov stated that “the structure of the Junior Army movement has already been worked out as well as its places of permanent basing, military educational institutions, DOSAAF infrastructure and sports clubs of the Army”. Scholars of 10-17 years old will be convened to the “Junior Army”.

Toying with the affections of the children Russian mass media have already initiated the propaganda campaign tagging the participants of the new semi-military organization “cool guys” and describing in the brightest colors the romance of military daily routine and upcoming military victories. Children are demonstrated Russia’s today’s realias where civilian specialists get much lesser wage than the militaries. Those enrolled in the “Junior Army” in 10 are prompted an idea of “Why do you need civilian live if you can join the Army and get 10 times as better salary as a doctor or an engineer”. Doesn’t it remind Hitler’s policy who had actively involved children in the “Hitlerjugend” youth organization.

Now Putin is erecting a fascist state in Russia. For this he needs obedient soldiers. And the best way is to bring them up since childhood. If somebody is still cherishing the illusions in terms of what is going on in Russia he should draw attention to this important nuance.

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