Iraqi Parliament Rejects the Kurdish Referendum

Photo: Mansour barzani
Photo: Mansour barzani

Iraqi Parliament has rejected the proposed referendum for independence to be held on September 25 in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al- Abadi has described the referendum as a “threat to … the civil peace and regional security.”

“I call upon the Kurdish leadership to come to Baghdad and conclude a dialogue,” PM Abadi told the press.

The PM of Iraq reiterated his stance on Tuesday. He said “imposing a fait accompli will not work. We will not allow the partition of Iraq.”

The Kurdish members of the parliament walked out of the session but the parliament voted against the Kurdish referendum with a majority anyway.

Majid Shingali, a Kurdish legislator, told Al Jazeera after Iraqi Parliament rejected the referendum, “This decision has no value, and we will not implement it.”

The Kurdish pursuit of independence has been of great concern in Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu confirmed his country’s position on Kurdish referendum planned to be held on 25 September. He urged the Kurdish authority to cancel the referendum.

“Our expectation from Erbil is clear, that is the cancellation of the referendum, as the interests and future of the Kurds lie in a united Iraq,” Cavusoglu said during talking with the reporters in Iraq.

The Iraqi Kurds are seeking for a referendum announced to be held on 25 September 2017 despite the U.S. objection.

A free state for the Kurds has been cemented in the hearts of Kurdish people ever since the defeated Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Sevres promising a free state for the Kurds after the First World War.

The KRG President Massoud Barzani’s close adviser, Hoshyar Zebari told Reuters “The date is standing, Sept 25, no change.”  The U.S. fears that the referendum craze in Erbil could drive the Kurdish attention away from its commitment to fight against terrorism.


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