Iran Braced Massive Protests

Protests in Hamadan, Iran Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Protests in Hamadan, Iran Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Thousands of Iranians took to the street to protest the rising prices of food, economic inequality, and unemployment.

Protesters took to the street in several large Iranian cities including Kermanshah, Qom, and Mashhad where the demonstrators chanted anti-government slogans.

According to Fars, a semi-state news agency of Iran, more than 300 people demonstrated in Kermanshah that ended after the Iranian police intervened because the “the protesters damaged public properties.”

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, also braced demonstrations in the same manner following a large protest held in Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran.

The protesters, initially taking to the street demonstrating against the rising prices of daily commodities and other economic issues, turned the protests into anti-government rallies in some parts of the country.

According to the Associated Press news agency, prices of some commodities in Iran has risen up to 40 percent in the recent days.

The World Bank reported that the unemployment rate in Iran has risen up to 12.7 percent in the last year. The Central Bank of Iran said in August the inflation rate had reached 10 percent.

The first Vice President of Iran, Mr. Esaq Jahangiri has acknowledged the rising price of some products but he demanded that the Iranian “government is working on fixing the causes of the high prices.”

Mr. Jahangiri told the press, “The people behind what is taking place think they will be able to harm the government, but when social movements and protests start in the street, those who have ignited them are not always able to control them.”

The protesters have also been reported of shouting slogans against President Rouhani for not solving the economic grievances of the people.

Mr. Rouhani has already been under fierce pressure from the conservative groups of the country for moving forward to liberalize the country.

The protesters chanted against Iran’s involvement in the regional fights instead of solving the domestic crises.

Many protesters have been detained in the aftermath of the unrest. ILNA, a semi-official Iranian news agency reported the authority have detained more than 50 protesters who demonstrated in the Tehran, the capital of Iran.

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