Ethiopia: PM Seeks Reduced Term Limits

Screenshot of Ethiopian PM photo shared by @EthiopiaEUon Twitter Photo: Ethiopian Mission EU
Screenshot of Ethiopian PM photo shared by @EthiopiaEUon Twitter Photo: Ethiopian Mission EU

Abiy Ahmed, the recently appointed Ethiopian Prime Minister said he will seek term limits for the Prime Minister post that he occupies.

The Ethiopian constitution allows unlimited terms for the Prime Ministers.

In last March, the ruling EPRDF picked Mr. Abiy as the Prime Minister after his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn resigned following years of violence.

Ethiopia had been going through political uncertainty that eventually results in the Prime Minister’s resignation in February.

Hailemariam’s resignation was seen as a transformational movement by his supporters. He said the unrest and political crisis led him to resign in pursuit “to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy.”

The newly appointed Prime Minister’s recent pledge to reform the term-limits for the Prime Minister position is one of his many reform pledges.

Ethiopian state media quoted him as saying that “Any leader of the country will not serve in office beyond two terms following the amendment to the constitution. Seizing power for a lifetime has come to a dead end in Ethiopia.”

The ruling EPRDF’s move to appoint Mr. Abiy as the new Prime Minister was partly because of his ethnicity.

Mr. Abiy comes from the Oromo ethnic group, who happened to be the majority of the Ethiopian population, has long been complaining about marginalization.

Since the resignation of Hailemariam, newly appointed Prime Minister has been vowing for a new political beginning.

He vowed to ensure more democratic rights in Ethiopia.

The state media quoted him saying, “Since Ethiopia is in a fast track of growth, it cannot allow few individuals to remain in office for a long time.”

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