Columbian Government Ends Peace Talks with ELN

Columbia's Guerrilla group ELN's poster Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Columbia's Guerrilla group ELN's poster Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The peace talks between the Columbian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) has come to an abrupt end.

The Columbian government has withdrawn from negotiation with the ELN after a series of attacks on the government targets on Wednesday.

The Columbian government marked the end of year-long negotiations with ELN representatives in Ecuador.

the National Liberation Army (ELN) conducted several attacks on government targets only hours after a ceasefire between the government and ELN expired.

The government of Columbia accused the ELN of attacking in four different government targets. The Columbian government said the ELN attacked at least two marines and interrupted an oil pipeline in the east of the country.

ELN is the last insurgent group still active in Columbia after the Columbian government made peace with FARC.

The Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos received Nobel Peace Prize after a successful peace establishment with the FARC.

President Santos condemned the latest ELN attacks in a press conference as “inexplicable violence.”

“We were always, I repeat, always ready to extend the ceasefire with the ELN and negotiate very quickly a new cycle of talks.

“The ELN not only rejected this process but chose to restart their terrorist attacks on the very day that they were obliged to initiate the new round of negotiations,” Santos said.

The ELN has urged the government not to walk out of the peace talks. The ‘incidents’ took place within a “complex conflict situation,” ELN said in a statement.

“It should not alter the course of the conversations to reach a political way out of the conflict,” it said. 

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