Chile: Sebastian Pinera Elected President, Again

The former president of Chile, Sebastian Pinera has won the second round of the presidential runoff.

The first round was expected to be more competitive where Pinera defeated his center-left opponent Alejandro Guillier by a large margin.

The electoral authorities of Chile have said the former President won nearly 54.6 percent of the votes while Guillier won 45.4 percent of the votes.

The political analysts predicted tighter competition after his opponent, the senator, and Popular TV journalist Alejandro Guillier earned strong ground in the last few weeks.

In the first runoff, Sebastian Pinera won 36.6 percent of the votes and Alejandro Guillier gained 23.6 percent of the votes.

Mr. Guillier, ever since the first round gained some ground that led the political analysts to assume the second round to be a tight competition.

Pinera addressed his supported at his campaign headquarters after the massive victory in an election where more than of the Chilean voters didn’t participate.

Mr. Pinera said, “I want to renew my commitment to all Chileans, a commitment to unity and dialogue so I invite all previous presidents to share their experience and advice with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle our biggest problems.”

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