Armenia: Nikol Pashinyan Elected Prime Minister

Nikol Pashinyan has been elected as the new PM of Armenia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Nikol Pashinyan has been elected as the new PM of Armenia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Armenian parliament has elected Nikol Pashinyan, the opposition leader, as their new prime minister.

Armenia braced massive anti-government protests demanding the former prime minister Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation.

The protests movement that began on March 31, successfully ousted the former prime minister through the so-called velvet revolution.

The velvet revolution helped Nikol Pashinyan win massive popularity among the Armenians irrespective of ages.

Nikol Pashinyan was elected prime minister of Armenia in a parliamentary vote. 59 MPs backed Nikol Pashinyan’s candidacy including some MPs from the ruling Republican Party and 42 MPs voted against.

By Pashinyan elected as Prime Minister, Armenians, for the first time, have a leader who is not a 1990’s establishment.

The new Armenian Prime Minister promised to get his country rid of ‘oligarchic and nepotistic political system’.

The ruling Republican Party decided on May 1 that they will not support Pashinyan’s bid for Prime Minister.

Despite having the support of the opposition parties, Pashinyan had to win at least six Republican MPs’ support to become the Prime Minister.

When the ruling party refused to support his candidacy, he called on fresh protests against the ruling elites.

The Republican Party, under public pressure, declared that they will support any candidate who wins one-third of the MPs’ support.

Following the Republican Party’s move, opposition leader Mr. Pashinyan called off the demonstrations.

During addressing tens of thousands of people in Yerevan, Mr. Pashinyan said, “The issue has practically been solved.”

“All factions said they would support my candidacy … We are suspending protests and going to have a rest.”

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