Four Separate Slicks from Sanchi: China’s State Oceanic Administration

Screenshot of a People's Daily, China's Twitter post
Screenshot of a People's Daily, China's Twitter post

The Chinese authorities have reported that the Iranian tanker Sanchi’s oil spill has spread into four separate slicks.

The sunken tanker Sanchi’s oil spill now covered an area of 100 sq km.

The Chinese ships have been trying to clean up the ‘giant oil spill’ in the East China Sea after the Iranian oil tanker Sanchi sank with its 136,000 tons of ultra-light crude oil.

The Sanchi collided with a cargo ship in the East China Sea on 6 January 260km off Shanghai. The tanker burned for a week after the massive collision and finally went down the East China Sea on 14 January.

All the crew members died after the tanker blasted. The Iranian officials reported that there were 32 crew members on the ship. 30 of the crew members were Iranian while 2 others were Bangladeshis, according to the officials in Iran.

The Chinese media reported that the rescue mission was canceled, and two ships were taking part in the clean-up operation.

According to China’s State Oceanic Administration’s latest figures, there were four slicks “ranging in size from 48 sq km to 5.5 sq km,” as BBC reported the figure.

The environmentalists fear of an adverse impact of the giant slick from the Sanchi on the marine life.

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