109 Dead: Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Disaster

The Screenshot of a Tweet shared by @PDC_Global
The Screenshot of a Tweet shared by @PDC_Global

The death toll of Fuego volcano is rising. Around 109 people have, so far, died and around 200 people are still missing.

Amid the rising number of deaths, dangerous flows of lava have prompted a new round of evacuation.

Guatemala’s national disaster agency said on Thursday that search and rescue efforts were canceled due to the scorching volcanic material and poor weather condition.

Guatemala national police spokesperson Pablo Castillo said: “It rained very hard yesterday … The soil is unstable.”

Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego began eruption with streams of lava and shooting out thick smoke on last Sunday.

The eruption of red-hot lava rained down onto several regions adjacent to Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala.

Guatemala’s Volcanic Institute said in a statement that the ashes of Volcan de Fuego eruption rose as high as 6,000 meters.

“The flows carry hot vapor, including fine particles similar to cement, two- to three-meter diameter rocks and tree trunks dragged out by the current,” the statement added.

The U.S. announced to send emergency aid and financial resources to help meet food water and sanitation.

The U.S. Air Force C-17 carried six badly injured children from the Fuego Volcano disaster for better treatment in Texas.

Meanwhile, the International Federation of Red Cross announced to release more than $253,000 from its global emergency in support of the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of Fuego Volcano disaster in Guatemala.

The funds will help Guatemala’s Red Cross support “3,000 of the most vulnerable survivors for three months.”

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