Zimbabweans Take to the Street against Mugabe Rule

Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter

Zimbabweans, tens of thousands in number, have taken to the street demanding the resignation of the country’s President Robert Mugabe.

The strongman Mugabe has been under house arrest after the Zimbabwean military took control of the country.

The mass gathering demonstrating against the Mugabe rule is supported and embraced the military.

Such vibrant public demonstration has been unthinkable in Zimbabwe even a week ago when Mugabe was in the fullest control of the country.

But allies of President Mugabe withdrew their support one by one after the military of the country stepped into the scenario.

Since the Zimbabwean economy is highly dependent on the Chinese aid, the military officials visited China just a week ago.

The political experts believe that the Zimbabwean army had received green signals from the Chinese side to kick off operations to remove the oldest President from the scenario.

In a symbolic turnout, tens of thousands of people gathered in Harare to call on the President to go.

In 1980, when Zimbabwe earned impendence from the white minority rule, tens of thousands of people joined a rally in Harare to welcome Mugabe back to the country.

This time the same people celebrated and welcomed the military move the remove President Mugabe. They chanted slogans against the President and the first lady.

Doha based Al Jazeera reported that the “Crowds there on Saturday cheered: “Chiwenga, lead the war to remove Mugabe”, referring to General Constantino Chiwenga, who had warned of military intervention before the takeover.”

In attempt to reach the State House foiled by the presidential guards, the protesters chanted, “Go, go, our general!”, “Enough is enough – Mugabe must go.” The public also chanted, “Leadership is not sexually transmitted” referring the First Lady who aspired to be the next president of Zimbabwe after Mugabe expires.

The organizer of the public protest Chris Mutsvangwa told the press that the protest was a show of people’s force against the decades-long rule of President Mugabe.

Meanwhile Ruling Party Zanu PF’s 10 Provincial Coordinating Committees (PCC) said the leader had “lost control of the party and government business due to incapacitation stemming from his advanced age.”

The political analysts believe the time has come to count his days. The speculations from various sources suggest Mugabe may abdicate by the end of the next week.

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