U.S. Ships Sail through Taiwan Strait

Official U.S. Navy file photo.
Official U.S. Navy file photo.

Taiwan News, through the reference of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, has reported that two U.S. Navy vessels had crossed into the Taiwan Straits.

This news in the time of highly tensed Washington-Beijing diplomatic rift will further escalate the fissure between the countries.

In reference to Central News Agency (CNA), Taiwan News reports: It was the first time since the George W. Bush Administration in 2007 that a U.S. government had sent a Navy ship through the Taiwan Strait.

CNN, however, said in a report that this U.S. entrance into the Taiwan Strait was first such attempt since USS John S. McCain made the transit in July 2017.

CNN has confirmed, as they quote Pacific Fleet spokesman Capt. Charlie Brown, the USS Mustin, and USS Benfold, based in Japan, have crossed into the Taiwan Strait.


Describing the passage of the ships as “a routine transit,” Brown told CNN as they quote him: “US Navy ships transit between the South China Sea and the East China Sea via the Taiwan Strait, and have done so for many years.”

The Trump administration has been at odds with Beijing over the man-made island in the South China Sea. Recently U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis has accused the Chinese President of breaking the promise as Xi promised not to militarize the island during his 2015 White House visit.

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