Turkey, Russia and Iran Sponsor ‘Syrian Congress’

A Screenshot from TRT news clip on YouTube
A Screenshot from TRT news clip on YouTube

The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Turkey met in Sochi, Russia to discuss the way out of the Syrian civil war that ravaged tens of thousands lives in Syria.

The leaders are reported to have agreed on a proposal to hold a ‘Syrian People’s Congress’ that would include the government of Syria and the opposition figures.

The Iranian, Turkish, and Russian leaders met just days before the US-sponsored Geneva talks to get rid of the Syrian crisis.

The Russian President Putin told the press in Sochi with Rouhani and Erdogan sitting alongside, “The Congress will look at the key questions on Syria’s national agenda.”

“First of all, that is the drawing-up of a framework for the future structure of the state, the adoption of a new constitution, and, by that, the holding of elections under United Nations supervision.”

In the meeting with the Turkish and Iranian counterpart, Putin said, “I want to note the special role of the President of Turkey and the President of Iran. Without the stance you took, the Astana process would not have existed: there would have been no cessation of hostilities, no ceasefire, no de-escalation zones.”

Putin added, “I believe we should focus our efforts on ensuring long-term normalization in Syria. I am primarily referring to the political settlement process, with the finalization of the Geneva talks and assistance for the country’s post-conflict recovery. The current meeting is aimed precisely at resolving this strategic task.

President Putin also demanded that “after the implementation of our decisions on de-escalation zones, hundreds and even thousands of refugees are already returning home.”

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, “Our strategy lies in joint actions and competition, coordination and oversight, cooperation with nations, and friendship rather than hostility.”

“Respect for the national sovereignty of Syria is an inalienable part of this struggle. There is no excuse for the presence of foreign troops on the territory of Syria without the permission of its legitimate Government,” Rouhani said indicating Assad government as the legitimate force of Syria.

The Turkish President Mr. Erdogan said, “The results that we have achieved are significant but we do not consider them sufficient. We believe that stakeholders should make a significant contribution to establishing political stability and providing a lasting settlement of this issue for the Syrian people.”

Erdogan said he believed that “we will leave this place having achieved good results. I believe that we will make critical decisions today.”

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