The Spanish Court Suspends Catalan Parliament’s Monday Session

Catalan Flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Catalan Flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Spanish constitutional court has suspended the scheduled session of Catalan Parliament which is due to be held on next Monday.

The pre-emptive attempt by the Spanish constitutional court bars the Catalan push for independence.

The Catalan regional government leader Carles Puigdemont indicated the bid to push for independence on Monday parliament session.

The court declared any such move as a “breach of the constitution.”

Defying the strong Spanish stance against the Catalan independence, the Catalan leader indicated that he could declare independence on next Monday.

The Spanish government has warned the suspension of Catalan autonomy and deployment of the military in the region if the local leaders continue to pursue independence.

Earlier the Spanish constitutional court’s ban on the Catalan independence referendum was ignored.

The referendum was opposed by the central government of Spain who echoed the declaration of Spain’s constitutional court the Catalan independence referendum as illegal.

In spite of the Spanish government effort to halt the referendum, 2.2 million people voted in the referendum with এ 42% turn out. The regional government of Catalonia said 90% of the voters voted in favor of independence.

The Catalan President Carles Puigdemont told the press right after the vote was counted that the Catalonia has earned the right to statehood through the referendum.

The Prime Minister of Spain, Mr. Rajoy said the people of Catalonia have been fooled by the Catalan government. He described the vote as a mockery of democracy.

“At this hour I can tell you in the strongest terms what you already know and what we have seen throughout this day. There has not been a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia.”



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