South Africa’s ANC Elects New Leader

The South African ruling party African National Congress (ANC) has elected Cyril Ramaphosa, the deputy president of the country, the new party leader.

After a few tensed sessions, the ANC party conference elected Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa the new party leader defeating the favorite candidate of the current President Jacob Zuma.

ANC announced Ramaphosa’s victory on Monday. He defeated the former chairperson of the African Union Commission Dlamini-Zuma, the preferred candidate of Jacob Juma.

Following the party leadership victory, Mr. Ramaphosa has been awarded the leadership of Africa’s oldest liberation movement.

In the highly tensed ANC conference, more than 4,700 delegates cast their vote to choose the new party leader.

The newly elected party leader Ramaphosa won 2,440 votes while his opponent Dlamini-Zuma won 2,261 votes.

Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to represent African National Congress (ANC) in the presidential runoff in 2019.

But the political analysts of South Africa believe that it is also possible for Ramaphosa and the new national executive to recall President Jacob Juma over the allegations of corruption.

South Africa faced incredible political crisis after the ANC marked its bitter leadership contest ever with two different candidates racing for party power with two completely different perspectives on their policies.

The party conference, echoing the tensed race, was delayed to begin as the party officials processed strict vetting of the delegates resulting many delegates being disqualified from voting.

Mr. Ramaphosa’s victory marks the end of the bitter party race and the South African markets immediately reacted to the news of his victory with “South African currency strengthening to the dollar.”

Mr. Ramaphosa is one of the most successful businessmen of South Africa who promised to fight corruption and ensure economic growth.

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