South Africa Announces Direct Rule in North West Province

Former South African President Zuma with Premier Mahumapelo. Photo: GovernmentZA on Flickr
Former South African President Zuma with Premier Mahumapelo. Photo: GovernmentZA on Flickr

South Africa has taken over direct administration of North West province following the days of violent protests against corruption.

Thousands of people have been demonstrating in the North West province against the corruption of the local government.

The protesters in the North West province have also been calling for the regional premier Supra Mahumapelo to resign.

The North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo is a close ally of the ousted South African President Jacob Zuma.

Mr. Zuma had resigned in February after his party, African National Congress (ANC), decided to impeach him.

President Zuma was accused of massive corruption that ended his political career. The North West province’s regional premier Supra Mohumapelo is a political ally to the former President Jacob Zuma.

Evaluating the situation, political scientist Roland Henwood said: “What President Ramaphosa has done now is to use the constitutional powers of government to take control of the province because it is clear that it’s not possible in the ANC to simply go in and replace the leadership that is part of the problem.”

“You have the internal conflict within the ANC and the leadership contestation, and very clearly Mahumapelo and those who are in his group are not going to give up anything or cooperate with the national ANC leadership, so that leaves the government with very few options,” Henwood added.

The decision to intervene in the province was taken by President Cyril Ramaphosa who became President vowing to fight against corruption.

In the last month, he cut his London tour short at Commonwealth summit to return home after the protests turned violent in the North West province.

The protesters have been demanding jobs, housing, and an end to corruption. They complained about the poor public services facilities and healthcare system.

President Ramaphosa has deployed army medics to help out in the hospitals of North West province.

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