Qatar Files Complaints Against Saudi Arabia with UN for Religious Rights

The biggest Muslim holy site in Mecca
The biggest Muslim holy site in Mecca

Qatar’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said on Saturday has said on Saturday that Qatari citizens have been told that they must travel via Doha to enter Saudi Arabia and they can enter Mecca to perform Hajj through two airports only.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic tie with Qatar on June 5. The blockading countries set 13 demands on Qatar to reinstall the normal relation. But Qatar refused to give in to these demands.

The world leaders have been trying to de-escalate the Gulf crisis ever since the crisis set uncertainty in the region. US State Department and Turkey has been urging the countries t ease the tensions but in vain. The crisis is yet to de-escalate.

As Hajj, one of the significant five pillars of Muslim faith, is approaching, Saudi Arabia said the Qataris can visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj only through Doha. This decision outraged the Qataris who live abroad as they have to get back to Qatar first if they want to perform their religious obligations in Mecca.

Qatar’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has accused Saudi Arabia of violating the freedom of belief and religion of Qataris by restricting Qataris from Hajj which is a “stark violation of international laws and agreements that guarantee the right to worship”. The NHRC has filed a complaint with the UN special rapporteur.

The NHRC  was “extremely concerned over [Saudi Arabia] politicizing religious rituals and using [Hajj] to achieve political gains… the Saudi authorities have allowed the Qatari pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia only through two airports via Qatar only, thus any Qatari citizen located outside Qatar, must first return to Qatar then travel to Saudi Arabia,” it said.

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