President Duda Vetoes the Controversial Judicial Bill

Polish President Duda
Polish President Duda

Polish President Andrej Duda has announced that he is vetoing the controversial law that sparked nation-wide protests and international outcry.

The Parliament of Poland passed the legislation on last Saturday that would replace Supreme Court judges with government nominees.

“I’m absolutely a supporter of this reform, but a wise reform,” said President Duda.

The bill requires the approval of president before it becomes law. The protesters has been on the street demanding the President to exercise his constitutional power to veto the bill. He was unlikely to veto the bill but the decision came as a surprise amid continuous massive protests across dozens of Polish cities.

President Duda said he would veto two of the three reforms the parliament passed. Since the Polish judiciary system is regarded as slow, President Duda said he was in favor of reforms.

“I’m absolutely a supporter of this reform, but a wise reform,” said President Duda.

He said in a statement broadcast on national television, “As president I don’t feel this law would strengthen a sense of justice.. these laws must be amended.”

First two reforms vetoed by the President required all Supreme Court judges to resign. It allows Justice Minister to decide who to stay and give politicians control over National Judiciary Council. The politicians would have a say who to sit on the NJC which nominates judges.

President Duda, however, said he would approve the third bill that allows Justice Minister right to dismiss and select judges in lower courts.


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