‘Nawaz Sharif is an Ideology’: Nawaz Sharif

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, ousted in July this year, has dubbed his own name as an ideology.

He said this to a public gathering in Abbottabad while launching his party PML-N’s election campaign.  “I love you too, Nawaz Sharif really loves you,” Mr. Sharif told the crowd in his tag declaration of love. “Today, I remember 2013. The same passion was present then,” Mr. Sharif said the gathering.

This former Pakistani PM demanded that “no court’s decision can break the ties” between him and his voters.

Boosting of his government’s development projects, Nawaz said, “I may not be prime minister anymore, but the motorway will continue to being built.”

Claiming himself is an ideology, Nawaz said, “Nawaz Sharif is an ideology, and this ideology will bring revolutionary change across Pakistan.”

“Nawaz Sharif is not a loser. If he were a loser, you and I would not be friends. Will you support me in this struggle?”

Nawaz rebuked the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s guilty verdict ruling that invalidated his premiership, “When all efforts to do so were unsuccessful, the SC said that I did not take a salary from my son, so I was disqualified.”

He alleged the Pakistani Supreme Court of “playing games”. He said, “Lots of games like this have been played time and time again,” he warned. “Everyone is awake, and they will take account of each and everything.”

Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, had been disqualified from office. As the Supreme Court of Pakistan found him guilty, he stepped down.

Last year, publication of classified document known as the Panama Papers revealed that he owns properties in London.

The documents against Nawaz and his family triggered controversy. PTI’s chairperson Mr. Imran Khan’s petition in the Supreme Court over the Panama Papers has finally pulled him down. The court also disqualified the country’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.

Pakistani Supreme Court Guilty Verdict on PM Sets Uncertainty

Nawaz Sharif, however, wasn’t disqualified because of the Panama Papers, though. He has been disqualified based on the Supreme Court mandated investigation team’s findings that Mr. Nawaz is chairman of an offshore company in Dubai and reported to receive a salary.

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