Merkel and Seehfer: Agreement Reached

Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany Photo Credit: Arno Mikkor
Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany Photo Credit: Arno Mikkor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehfer reached an agreement casting aside the shadows over her political career after a marathon five-hour talks.

Emerging from hours of talks with the Chancellor, Seehfer said he struck an agreement with the Chancellor and remaining as the Interior Minister which, he threatened to quit.

“After intensive discussions between the CDU and CSU we have reached an agreement on how we can in future prevent illegal immigration on the border between Germany and Austria,” Mr Seehofer said as he left the CDU’s Berlin headquarters.

But Merkel, a leader of Europe who has been leading Germany for years has experienced his influence on the decline after the latest crisis with Seehfer hit his coalition government.

Angela Merkel said that it was a “good compromise after tough negotiations and difficult days.”

Angela Merkel said that returning migrants to the country where they first arrive preserves the EU spirit of partnership.

“I’m pleased we managed to get this agreement — it has shown again it’s worth fighting for something like this. Now we have a tenable clear agreement for the future,” Interior Minister Seehfer said.

After Horst Seehofer, the Interior Minister of Germany threatened to resign over the new EU migration law, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government came under tremendous pressure.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer is the leader of Christian Social Union (CSU), the key ally of Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrats (CDU).

Seehfer talked about quitting as the Interior Minister on Sunday after a marathon party meeting. Later, his colleagues persuaded him to meet and talk with Merkel one more time.

Seehfer said on early Monday that “In the interest of the country and the ability by my coalition to act, we want to try to find a way to unify on this central question-border control and refusal, only on this question.”

Seehfer expressed his willingness to act in the statement and hoped to manage an agreement with the Chancellor.

“This is an act of goodwill on my part and another attempt to come to an agreement, otherwise this would have been today,” German Interior Minister Seehfer added.

The CSU leader’s threats to quit the government, however, were not out of blue. He had been demanding for tougher migration policies for long, and recently, had given the chancellor two weeks to strike a deal with the EU leadership that allows Germany to reject asylum seekers who are already registered in a different EU member state.

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