Lebanon: First Parliamentary Elections in a Decade

Lebanon’s first parliamentary elections in a decade have kicked off where up to 3.8 million voters are supposed to vote.

Among the 3.8 million registered voters, more than 700,000 voters will be casting their ballots for the first time.

In this parliamentary election, more than 583 candidates will compete for 128 seats.

Lebanon introduced a new electoral law to ensure ‘proportional representation’. According to the new law, the voters will be casting two votes.

Based upon the new electoral law, the voters will cast one vote for a list of candidates and one for a single preferred candidate.

Lebanon has opened about 6,800 polling stations across the country with heavy presence of security forces.

The voting will continue until local time 19:00.

Hezbollah, a Shi’a Islamist political party and militant group, told the press to coordinate with them if to report the areas they control such as Beirut’s southern suburbs, Baalbeck-Hermel in addition to the south.

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