Jubilation After Mugabe Resigned, Emmerson to be Sworn as the New President on Friday

Robert Mugabe’s resignation has brought jubilation in Zimbabwe. The oldest leader of the world Mugabe announced his resignation after nearly four decades.

“Today, we are witnessing the beginning of a new and unfolding democracy,” Emmerson Mnangagwa, the would-be president of Zimbabwe told thousands of jubilant supporters at the headquarters of the ruling ZANU-PF party in the capital, Harare. “We want to grow our economy, we want jobs,” he added.

“All patriotic Zimbabweans come together, work together,” said the next President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa who is supposed to be sworn on Friday.


His critics regard him as a dictator who oppressed opponents and rigged election to stay in power. But the former leader of Zimbabwe remained in power anyway.

The unconditional support of the military and the leaders of independent movement helped the veteran leader to remain in power for decades.

After the military takeover of the control, Mugabe has been under pressure to quit. But a defiant Mugabe resisted the appeal to step down.

The ruling political party ZANU-PF then suspended the former President as its leader and the Zimbabwean Parliament sought to impeach him from power.

The President finally stepped down on Monday after days of tension sparking jubilation in Zimbabwe in a resignation letter.

“I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation … with immediate effect,” said Mudenda, reading the letter.

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