Venezuela Crisis Deepens as Protests Persist

July 22, 2017 Global Desk 0

Venezuela is supposed to brace a massive day of protest today (Saturday). The opposition declared a day of national protest after a ‘successful’ nation-wide shut down on last Thursday. The opposition announced a ‘great march’ as the country seems to get into deeper crisis with escalating tensions between the government and the opposition. […]

Fake News on China India War Goes Viral

July 20, 2017 Global Desk 0

On last Monday evening at around 5.30 pm  a news of China-India war went viral after a mainstream Pakistani media broadcast a report of 158 Indian soldiers’ death as Chinese soldiers hit enemy positions with “rocket launchers, machine guns, and mortars” in Sikkim region. […]

Iran Warns U.S. as New Sanctions Announced

July 19, 2017 Global Desk 0

Foreign Minister of Iran Javad Zarif lashed out at the US administration for the recently imposed new sanction. Mr. Zarif said that Washington is trying to deter Iran from the benefits of the nuclear deal. Iran said that Washington’s sanctions announcement is “contemptible and worthless”.   […]

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