In this Era of Authoritarianism

April 30, 2018 Masum Billah 0

According to the latest edition of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, more than half of the 167 countries have their democracy rankings declining.  This latest report is alarming especially at a time when the U.S., with its ‘flawed democracy’, has a President who borrows tactics from authoritarian rulers and praises them in public. […]

DRC: Over 2 Million Children at Risk of Starvation

March 11, 2018 Global Desk 0

The United Nations has warned that more than two million children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are estimated to be at risk of starvation. These children are at the risk of dying as Reuters reported UN saying that these DRC children “dying from severe acute malnutrition if they do not get the aid they need.” […]

Genocide Lurking over Rohingyas

September 11, 2017 Masum Billah 0

Rohingyas are the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world. They live in the Rakhine state of western Myanmar. These ethnically Muslim minority Rohingyas are around a million in number. They have been living in […]

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