Libyan Groups Agree on Ceasefire

July 25, 2017 Global Desk 0

Khalifa Hafter, the military commander based in the remote east of Libya and Prime Minister Fayez Serraj have agreed on a nationwide ceasefire. This ceasefire, however, excludes the fights against terrorism. The leaders have agreed […]

Kenyan President Kenyatta Warns Terrorists in an Election Rally

July 18, 2017 Global Desk 0

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta  has vowed to respond Islamic militants with ‘deadly force’ on Monday. Mr. Kenyatta is now campaigning for reelection. In a campaign speech in Lamu, the country’s heated city that bears deadly militant violence, President Kenyatta reiterated his pledge to take necessary actions to uproot the violent militancy. […]

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