Catalonia: Top Secessionist Leaders Detained

Barcelona Catalonian Flag Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Barcelona Catalonian Flag Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Spanish Supreme Court has detained five Catalan secessionist leaders. The newly arrested leaders include the latest candidate for regional president.

The detained separatist leaders have been charged with rebellion and eight others cases regarding their involvement in the Catalan push for independence.

“The leaders will be held will be held without bail pending their trials,” BBC reported.

Following the court ruling, the supporters of the secessionist leaders engaged in clashes with the police in Barcelona on Friday.

The Catalan parliament was set to vote if imprisoned Jordi Turull is to be installed as the regional president.

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But the court ruling has created uncertainty over the parliamentary move to select a new president for the region.

The Spanish authority has charged about 25 top secessionist leaders of Catalonia with embezzlement, sedition, and rebellion.

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Two of the Catalan leaders wanted by the Spanish authority are in Belgium and Switzerland in self-imposed exile to escape the Spanish warrant.

The sacked former President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, called Spain anti-democratic and an embarrassment to Europe.

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