Catalonia Declares Independence

The Catalan President posted this Photo on his Facebook page after his government declared independence
The Catalan President posted this Photo on his Facebook page after his government declared independence

Catalonia has declared independence. Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has declared independence of Catalonia after a parliament debate.

Earlier, the Spanish Senate triggered article 155 allowing the Spanish government’s power to rule Catalonia directly.

The regional parliament of Catalonia voted to declare independence from Spain amid Spanish Parliament’s approval to direct rule the regional after Senate’s affirmation.

In a tensed parliament session, the Catalan MPs approved the independence move flexibly after the opposition MPs boycotted the session in ‘disgust.’

The independence was declared on Friday after 70 MPs voted in favor, 10 voted against and two abstentions.

As the opposition MPs boycotted the parliament move, it was all the ruling party MPs and a secret ballot box vote made sure that independence is to be declared in the parliament.

 The Catalan Parliament called o for a smooth transition of legal powers from Spain to an independent Catalan Catalonia.

But the Spanish constitutional court is supposed to declare the Catalan move illegal after the country’s boosted morale with the U.S., UK, German and EU support for a united Spain.

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy told the press that direct rule in Catalonia was necessary to ensure “law, democracy and stability” in Catalonia.

Meanwhile, the Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has urged the supporters, after the declaration of independence, to “maintain the momentum in a peaceful manner.”

Thousands of pro-independence Catalan took to the streets, chanted slogans and hugged each other after the Catalan Parliament declared independence.

Spain has been going through an intense political crisis since Catalonia held a referendum for Independence on October 1.

The Spanish government interfered in the referendum and deployed police in the region to stop the vote from taking place.

Catalonia braced intense violence on the referendum day as the persistent secessionist voters engaged in massive clashes with the Spanish police who prevented them from entering the voting centers.

More than 900 people were injured in the clashes including more than 30 police officers. The Spanish authorities were criticized for excessive use of force against the secessionist voters.

More than 2 million people, however, voted in the referendum defying the Spanish efforts to stop the vote from taking place. And more than 90% of the voters opted for independence in the disputed referendum.


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