Al Ghouta: Pro-Assad Forces Recapture 10% of the ‘Hell on Earth’

The pro-government forces have recaptured about 10% of the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta territory in Syria after days of bloodshed and hundreds of deaths.

A UK-based monitoring group The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported of an intensified fight on the ground with rebel fighters shelling nearby Damascus.

The Syrian government forces with the Russian support, have been conducting a bloody operation since 18 February in the Syrian city Al Ghouta which already claimed hundreds of lives.

Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, UN Chief Antonio Guterres described the situation in Eastern Ghouta as “hell on Earth”.

“I remind all parties of their absolute obligation and international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times.

“Similarly, efforts to combat terrorism do not supersede these obligations,” said the UN Chief.

The five hours daily ‘humanitarian pause’ Russian President Vladimir Putin announced for Al Ghouta led more bloodshed and more people to die instead of a pause in fights.

Around four lacs people have been trapped inside the city besieged by the government since 2013 with foods and medical stocks dwindling.

The aid trucks cannot get to the city in the hostile situation.

Since the beginning of the all-out attacks from the government side on 18 February, some 640 people have been killed and many more critically injured.

The Syrian military says it is trying to get the city ‘liberated from the terrorists’. But they have been accused of targeting civilians irrespective of women and children.

The safe passages offered by Moscow during the so-called humanitarian pauses didn’t work because none since Tuesday has left the city.

Meanwhile, in northern Syria, Turkey said it has captured a Kurdish town in the northern region of Afrin killing at least 36 Syrian government forces.

Turkey has been conducting an offensive against the Kurdish forces in Afrin to ‘secure its border’ and weaken YPG, a Kurdish umbrella Turkey designated as a ‘terrorist organization’.

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